Seeing as Earth Day was just a few days ago, and hopefully people have the planet on their minds, I figured it’d be the perfect time to highlight some of our favorite eco-friendly bags! Green fashion has really evolved over the years, thanks in part to people becoming more aware of the environment and its issues. Today we have some amazing designers who make clothing and accessories out of earth-friendly materials, like canvas, vegan leather, and organic cotton. We have several green designs available on Career Bags, but here are my top 5 best eco-friendly laptop bags! Save the Earth and look good doing it!

5. Amy Butler for Kalencom Nola Laptop Wrap

Amy Butler is a well-known fabric designer known for combining bright colors with fun, vibrant patterns. Her collection for Kalencom certainly reflects her passion for design, and for the planet. All of her products are made using organic cotton and low-impact dyes, so they are safe and beautiful. The Nola Laptop Wrap is a simple, yet beautiful sleeve for protecting your 15.4 inch computer. It’s perfect for throwing keeping your laptop safe while you travel or for everyday use, just throw it in your purse and rest assured it will remain in tact where ever you go. The interior features one side for your computer and another with pockets for files, credit cards, or travel documents!

4. Hadaki Coated On The Run Laptop Bag

Hadaki is a brand known for two things: funky designs and green materials. They manage to make practical, protective tech cases with exciting colors and patterns that are sure to catch your eye! All of Hadaki’s materials are 100% eco-friendly, with no Phthalates or other harmful chemicals. This bag’s name says it all! It’s intended to be a no-fuss laptop bag perfect for the student lifestyle. It can be worn cross-body, so it’s comfortable and easy to just throw over your shoulder as you run out the door. The top flap has a magnetic closure so you can quickly and easily access your computer, notebook, or files.

3. Urban Junket Korri Carry-All Laptop Bag

Urban Junket is another really unique designer who takes the Earth very seriously!  One of the most prevalent products we find in our landfills are water bottles, and so all of Urban Junket’s products are made of recycled water bottles. This bag is actually made of 48 reclaimed water bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Using plastic as the primary material gives Urban Junket’s bags a glossy, chic look that is totally unique. This bag is called the Korri Carry All because it’s the perfect bag to take on a trip. Inside you’ll find padded laptop compartment and designated spaces for your phone, cords, charger, and anything else you’ll want to take with you. On the back is a tunnel style pocket that opens up at top and bottom to allow this bag to “piggyback” on your rolling suitcase!

2. Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Casual Tote

Mobile Edge, one of our most popular brands, is also known for using green materials to make their tech bags. A few years ago, the Mobile Edge team went to work on a new “eco-llection” of bags with a green initiative. The Casual Tote is an easy going, low maintenance laptop bag that protects both your computer and the planet! It’s made out of eco-friendly canvas and is free of harmful chemicals or animal products of any kind. This bag was designed to hold a computer up to 17 inches in size and has enough space for your other essentials too! The front zipper pockets are ideal for your cords and chargers while the inside features a removable laptop sleeve and a removable phone pocket, plus large pockets and ample room for clothes, toiletries, a book, or whatever else you like to have on the go!

1. Urban Junket Angela Powered Laptop Bag

The honored spot at the top of our list goes to Urban Junket for continuously being so original and innovative. The Angela Laptop Bag is one of only five bags on our entire site that can actually charge your gadgets on the go. In this day and age we rely on our cell phones and tablets constantly to look up the weather, find directions, and talk to friends and family. When your battery dies, it’s almost like being completely helpless! The Angela bag has a built in battery pack that can fully charge your device two times before needing to be refueled. Each Angela bag is made out of 46 reclaimed watter bottles, so you’re doing your part to save the planet while staying connected and looking stylish!

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