It’s been a while since we’ve added a new designer to and we are really excited about the arrival of Hang Trolley Bags! Hang Accessories was founded by Renee Rich in 2005 after living in Madrid, Spain. The original idea stemmed from the ¬†frustration Renee felt having to constantly guard her purse from theft when going to restaurants and cafes. The original product she came up with was a purse hanger that could be attached to a table and securely hold a purse off the ground. From this idea stemmed an entire business of smart, useful accessories for women. Hang also makes key hangers, eye glass holders, and, our favorite, the trolley bags!

The Trolley Bag fits in perfectly with our vision at Career Bags. We are constantly trying to find new designs that are both stylish and practical. Trolley bags are a bag for the hard-working fashionista on the go! They’ve got all the bells and whistles to make them a great bag to travel with: ¬†removable laptop sleeve, retractable handle, and 360 degree rotating wheels. But functionality is only half the appeal of these unique bags. The designer has chosen ecclectic patterns, modern shapes, and funky details to set these carry ons apart! Check out these five bags from Hang!

Leopard Carry On

Red and Black Crocodile Trolley Bag

Teal Crocodile Trolley Bag

Boho Chic Black Trolley Bag

Brown Crocodile Trolley Bag

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