We have over 1,500 bags on Career Bags, so the task of choosing the right one for you can seem daunting. Despite all the wonderful laptop bag styles we carry, I truly believe that our selection of rolling laptop bags offers the most benefits for the user. Whether you’re a student, a jet-setting world traveler, or a hard-working business professional, rolling laptop bags are the perfect combination of fashion and function. Here’s why:

1. Comfort

Let’s face it, laptops are heavy! Even if you purchase the lightest bag on the market, the weight of your computer, plus your other personal belongings, can be a real burden for your back, neck, and shoulders to bare. If you’re traveling, the problem is amplified. There’s nothing worse than walking from Concourse A to Concourse Z with a ten pound sack on your arm! You’re neck and back take enough of a beating just from sitting in those cramped seats, so make it easier on yourself and just drag that bag behind you like a rolling suitcase!

2. Convenience

A rolling laptop bag is basically combination of a rolling suitcase and a traditional laptop bag. You get the best of both worlds! Rolling laptop bags can be easily pulled behind you, which is especially helpful if you’re sprinting to your gate to make a flight. But, unlike rolling suitcases, laptop bags are designed to protect your electronics and keep you organized. Everything you need will be secure in their designated pockets and it won’t be hard to find your headphones or iPad once you get on the plane. They’re also great for college students, especially if you have a big campus to walk across in between classes!


We have over 50 styles of rolling laptop bags available on Career Bags with some interesting features that elevate them to much more than just carry ons. You may be thinking, I don’t want to have to roll my bag everywhere. Well, that’s not a problem. Many rolling bags, like the McKlein Roseville have a detachabled wheeled frame, so you can carry it like a traditional purse.

Cabrelli is another brand known for their rolling bags. Their rollerbriefs are beautifully designed with unique patterns and colors that totally debunk the belief that laptop bags have to be boring. Many of their rolling bags, like the Quilted Rollerbrief,  also have a matching handbag designed to hold an iPad and whatever other items you need easily accessible while you’re traveling! You can put the rollerbrief in the overhead compartment and tuck the smaller tote under your seat!

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