We all have a woman in our life who does it all! For me, it’s my mom. She raised two kids all while being Vice President of a software company, traveling weekly for business, and working out six days a week. As far as I’m concerned, she’s Super Woman! She may make it look easy, but I know she works really hard to maintain the life she has. If this sounds like your mother, sister, wife or daughter, why not get her something to help her out? The right bag can make her life easier by keeping her organized so she can continue being the amazing woman you know and love! Here are our picks for the best bags for business women!

Alicia Klein Slim Brief

This bag is straight to the point. Pretty, professional, and practical! It’s slim and sleek, but loaded with features every business woman needs. The interior features a foam-padded laptop compartment that can accomodate a computer up to 15.4″ in screen size. It also has pockets for all your personal items: cell phone, makeup, pens, business cards, and a notebook or organizer. Use the padded shoulder strap  or slip the back tunnel pocket over a rolling suitcase for easy travel!

Patent Leather Vertical Laptop Compatible Wheeler

If your hardworking lady travels a lot for her job, she’ll really appreciate rolling laptop bag! Wheelers make it easy to walk through an airport quickly and comfortably. Instead of straining her back and neck carrying a heavy computer from terminal to terminal, she’ll simply stroll through to the gate. This bag in particular was designed to be slender enough to fit down the aisle of an airplane and will fit in the overhead compartment. She’ll appreciate the convenience but she’ll LOVE the handcrafted Italian patent leather exterior!

Milano Edge Collection Alexis Business Tote

The ultra stylish Alexis Business Tote is a fantastic gift for the fashion-minded career woman! When she walks into a boardroom with this bag, everyone will know she’s a professional. The interior of this tote is designed to keep her organized. It has a padded laptop compartment, pockets for your pens, phone, and business cards, and plenty of space for a notebook, files, or a tablet. The exterior is made of beautiful scratch and stain resistant leather, so it won’t wear and tear with use as most bags do. Sleek and sophisticated, just like her!

Alicia Klein Ellen Handbag

The last bag on our list is a little different. Every career woman needs to be serious sometimes, but other times she just wants to feel pretty! This clean, classic design that will do just that. This leather handbag is simple on the outside, but the inside is straight business. It features two padded zipped pockets that will hold her tablet and macbook. The  interior has another zipped pocket for her phone, makeup, pens, and wallet and the spacious interior pocket is great for files. This bag comes in calming light blue or vibrant mustard yellow.

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