We carry over 20 brands of bags at Careerbags.com, but a few really stick out as being especially unique. Moose + Pine, founded by designer Mari Forssell, is one of those brands. I decided to catch up with Mari to find out a little more about her story and how she makes such beautiful products!

Mari Forssell was born in Helsinki, Finland. She learned to sew at a young age from her mother and became enamered by Skandinavian design. After meeting her husband while vacationing in Greece and living in the UK for six years, Mari made the move to Omaha, Nebraska where her brand was born. Stash bags, now known as Moose + Pine, started in 2007 as a hobby. Mari would make bags as gifts for friends and family and eventually listed a few on Etsy. Much to her surprise, there was a great demand for her craft! Since then, the brand has grown from a pasttime to a successful business.

The Moose + Pine brand is different from any of the others we carry on Careerbags.com because each product is handmade to order by Mari herself. She loves mixing fabrics and different types of hardware to create a unique final product. Most of her products feature vintage-inspired fabrics and patterns, like tweed and plaid. This is probably a result of her love for antiques!

When she’s not stitching stunning bags and device accessories, Mari enjoys working out, parusing antique and secondhand shops for hidden treasures, and spending time with her husband and her dogs. Not surprisingly, this crafty designer also enjoys taking on Do It Yourself projects around the house. One of her biggest passions, aside from her brand, is animal rescue. She fosters dogs for a local rescue and donates a portion of the proceeds from Moose + Pine to various animal rescues.

Check out Moose + Pine’s uniquely designed products on Careerbags.com!

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