I traveled most of my business life with meetings to attend and trade shows to visit until I started www.careerbags.com. I was on the road almost every week and it was long before beautiful rolling laptop bagsor messenger bags were available so I feel your pain. How do you choose a bag that will look professional and fashionable without injuring yourself? How do you choose a bag that can carry all of your business necessities and personal items?

The first place I would start would be to look at the “Shop by Career” section of the www.Careerbags.com website. Why not let other visitors in the same field do all of the work for you? Lawyer? Banker? Real Estate Mogul? Check out their picks!

If you do travel for business whether you are flying or driving and you have a lot to take with you, I highly recommend a rolling laptop bag and matchin g handbag. It is such a great soluti on and we have so many beautiful bags to select from.

Light weight, pretty, practical and what a fantastic value.

Cabrelli 15.6″ Logan Rolling Laptop Bag/ Logan handbag – Black

Sturdy and professiona l- Generations Lite Collection #6527, 17″ Laptop Compatible Business Wheeler

Compact and elegant Caprice Red Rolling

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