I love stories about entrepreneurs that create products out of their own needs.  Careerbags just found a World traveler and Business Woman who did just that.  It could not have come at a more perfect time because we get so many requests for a slim, elegant and well priced Rolling Laptop Bag. We currently have over 48 styles in stock to chose from.

For only $129.00 this is an amazing value!

The Caprice Rolling Laptop Bag is just the perfect solution and as always I tried it myself before I would even consider putting it on our site www.careerbags.com. I carry a 13″ MacBook, my power cords, a small notebook, my new Kindle Fire and my cell phone and wallet and it could not be more perfect.  You know the smaller the bag the less you end up carrying.  Here are a few details:

An Elegant light weight super slim Rolling Laptop Bag for you and your laptop!

Dimensions: 16″W x 12″H x 4″D
Laptop Compartment: 14″W x 10″H x 1.5″D
Fits most laptops up to: 15″
Product Weight: 4.9

Exterior Features:

  • Lightweight, retractable trolley handle
  • Folds flat when completely unzipped
  • Front zip pocket for personal items

Interior Features:

  • Well padded laptop sleeve
  • Compartment for files and papers

It is also available in Black with just a pop of contrast with the elegant logo with a Fleur Di Lis design. And the name Caprice means sudden and unpredictable. A perfect name for this unexpected adorable bag.  The Nylon fabric has a wonderful sheen to it so it does not just look like another Black Rolling Laptop Bag.  Here it is in Black and if you notice on the inside I use the Coakley Cachet bags for all of my cords, mouse and cosmetics.I just move them right awlong with each one of my Laptop Bags, Laptop Totes and Laptop Messenger Bags. With the handle down because it is so light weight, just carry like a Laptop Case until you are ready to roll through the airport to your next destination.  It was $140 but we have it on sale for $120.00

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