Rolling Laptop Bags are #1

More professional women are buying Rolling Laptop Bags or Wheeled Computer Bags

than ever before. I would take customer calls and continue to hear how working women wanted a professional looking bag that was fashionable, functional, light weight and elegant.

Since I made the switch about 2 years ago when I fly for business or pleasure travel from a Laptop Tote to a Rolling Laptop Bag, my life got a little bit easier.

The minute someone tells me that they just got a 17″ laptop computer and that they carry so many other tools for business, my first reaction is to guide them to our Rolling Laptop Bag area on the website.  At first they resist but once they have a chance to look at all of the wonderful choices, they usually cave in, go for it and tell all of their friends about their new find.

We have so many options on our website from Classic and Elegant designer laptop bags that convert from wheels to a laptop tote to fun and funky laptop bags on wheels in great colors and textures. If you want to keep it strictly business then I would suggest that  you chose one of the many options from a company called McKlein. The wheeled system is removeable so you can get through the airport without breaking your back, arrive at your meeting, remove the wheels and look like a Pro.