Pairing some of today’s top business women with today’s top women’s laptop bags

Given my line of work, I tend to see the world through laptop bag lenses. I just can’t help it. I see a woman in a suit and I immediately think “Ooo – I can think of at least three Laptop Bags that would pull that whole look together.” So I’m back to writing on the blog that I call “Professional Style File”, where I’ll pair some of today’s top business women with – what else? – today’s top women’s laptop bags!

I thought I’d start with one of my favorite business women (and entertainers), Ellen Degeneres. I’m such a huge fan of hers – plus, we have the same first name, which makes me feel cool. Ellen’s on top of the world right now – She’s witty, savvy, successful and a true inspiration. Ellen generally sports a classic look but she has a wild and crazy side too, if her daily booty shaking on her talk show is any indication. So the bag I’d pick for her is the Laurex Laptop Messenger BagIt’s bright, colorful and stylish, just like Ellen herself.

Plus, Laurex Bags are made of or nylon, so they’re animal-product-free – perfect for an animal lover and activist like Ellen Degeneres. So, Ellen, that’s my StyleFile tip for you! I think the Laurex Red Blossom Laptop Bag is just the right accessory to help you get your groove on and keep it going all day.

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