my perfect world all Laptop Computer companies would make each size laptop computer the same dimensions. But my world is far from perfect and for some reason each company decided to make up their own dimensions.

You would think that if you bought a shiny new 17″ Laptop computer and you were ready for the perfect  laptop bag or Laptop Sleeve you would   go to a website, hopefully and the first thing you would look at is Shop by Laptop Size. Just consider that a starting point.

The size of your computer is determined by measuring  the screen diagonally, like buying a TV. So what does that mean? It basically means that when you are shopping for the perfect woman’s laptop bag for that 17″ computer you still need to think 7th grade Geometry Class, now what would Miss Andrews do?

For example I will list a few brands.

17″ Dell Studio-   15.46″  W x 11.36″ H
17″ Dell Inspiron-16.54″  W x 10.87″ H
17″ Macbook Pro-15.47″  W x 10.41″ H
17″ HP Pavillion- 16.35″  W x 10.8″ H

So can you see where I’m going with this?  Make sure you know the dimensions of your computer before you purchase a bag.  On each product page we give you as much information as we can to help you make the right choice. Here is how the information looks for one of our best selling Laptop Bags from a company called Urban Junket:

Dimension: 20″W x 14″H x 4″- 6″D
Laptop Compartment: 17″W x 12″H x 2″- 3″D
Product Weight: 2 lbs
Fits most Laptop up to: 17″

So as you can see, the laptop compartment in this particular bag can accomodate any Laptop Computer that was mentioned above. But don’t get too comfortable with this yet.

Ice Red makes a great bag and they call it a 17″ Laptop Bag. Below are the dimensions and as you can see when you go back up and look at our short list, only one will work. The 17″ Macbook Pro

Dimension: 17″W x 13″H x 4″
Laptop Compartment: 16″W x 11″H x 2″
Product Weight: 2.10 lbs
Fits most Laptop up to: 17″

Now it’s not that we don’t think that all of our customers are brilliant because they are but just in case you didn’t know how that world worked, we give you an Intergallactical sized reminder with instructions before you hit that final button.

If you are still not convinced, just give us a call at 877-261-7953.  I’ve got a zillion bags all over my office and a drawer full of rulers and tape measurers and a list of the most popular laptop computers with the dimensions on a handy little spread sheet. If I don’t have the info on the one that Uncle Jack just bought you, I’ll find it and help you chose just the right bag.  My track record is impeccable!

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