Business travel just got a little easier – and prettier. We’re now carrying Mobile Edge’s Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags for women at!

I blogged about Mobile Edge’s new Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags back in August – I totally loved the concept and am always looking for ways to help our customers travel with ease.

The Checkpoint Friendly bags let you zip through security without having to remove your laptop from your bag – a definitely bonus when you travel as often as I do.

The first line of bags was a more unisex design, so I was very excited to see what the fabulous designers at Mobile Edge were going to create for the ladies. And I wasn’t disappointed! Just check out that pink striped lining!

The Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags for women come in two gorgeous styles: the sleek, chic Onyx Laptop Tote (below, on the right) and the luxurious Element Laptop Briefcase (on the left – the Element is the one with the fanciful striped lining).

All of the Checkpoint Friendly bags are on our list of  great bags for under $100 – so you can travel in style and on budget.

The Onyx also comes as a stylish TSA-approved laptop backpack – but naturally, the Element is my favourite. Why? Because it also comes in pink. I know! It’s like they made it just for me.

All of the Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags feature solid construction, excellent organizational features and a lifetime warranty.

Each bag offers Mobile Edge’s exclusive Wireless Security Shield, to keep your Bluetooth Phone/PDA safe from spam, hackers and viruses. It’s like a security system in your bag!

With the Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags, the only thing slowing me down at security is the change I always forget to remove from my pockets. By the way – if you were held up at LAX last Thursday afternoon – ha ha – I’m so sorry.

Before your next trip, be sure and check out Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags by Mobile Edge at CareerBags!

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