I was checking out the latest over at fabulous geek chic site GeekSugar this morning and saw that they’d linked to HER Design’s Leaf Laptop Bag for yesterday’s Love It or Leave It poll.

Naturally, I come down on the side of loving it. The Leaf Laptop Bag is a remarkable bag. Gorgeous, functional AND eco-friendly? What’s not to love? When last I checked, it seemed that 67% of the voters agreed with me.  Ah, GeekSugar readers – such good taste.

Laptop bag diva Kate Trgovac of Funky, Chic and Cool Laptop Bags posted a glowing and in-depth review of the Leaf recently.

Here’s a snippet:

Let me start by saying that the overall PRESENCE of the Leaf is extraordinary. Not just the appearance of it (which is beautiful) but the entire design aura of the bag. The organic form, inspired by its eponymous “leaf”, seems to self-generate positive chi. The refreshing green colour calms my mind and lightens my spirit. The texture delights my fingertips and warms my heart. And the vertical orientation of the bag is super-chic.

Read the whole review on Kate’s Funky Chic and Cool Squidoo Lens – then get your eco-chic on with the Leaf Laptop Bag at CareerBags.com!

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